Caring for your items

Tips on caring for yout items from JFK.

Our products are 100% handmade, but are still very durable. Eventually our products will require some maintenance in keeping their appearance. Mascots will show wear just like shoes and clothing does over a period of time. Here are some tips on keeping your items at their finest!   Care for Fursuits

During Use
1: Take your time in putting your costume on, do not rush or force things into place if you need help ask a buddy for help in putting your items on.
2: Do not hold your fursuit head by the ears or hair.
3: We recommend the use of moisture wicking materials such as under armor for use in heads or under clothing (and in body suits once we start to offer them)

After Use
1: Take your time in getting out of your suit do not rush, if you need help ask a buddy!
2: Spray your suit with a disinfectant spray we currently use our own or Lysol. Make sure to spray the head inside and out, feet, hands and tail.
3: Brush the parts with a slicker brush (these can be found at Walmart or any other pet supply store)
4: If you head has human or faux human hair use a soft bristle brush for wigs to brush out the hair fibers.
5: Let everything air dry on a flat surface.

  *IMPORTANT* DO NOT put any faux fur material in your dryer the fibers will melt and you will ruin your dryer!

1: Once clean and brushed out we recommend (for shelf storage in a closet etc.) to put a trash bag over the head (this keeps dust and other material out of the fibers) and place the hands etc. neatly in a storage bin or another plastic bag.
2: Do not store in a hot car or attic, this could cause warping of the materials.
3: Do not set anything on top of or next to the head or parts so they become squished this will cause material warping.

TIP: We also recommend acquiring a mannequin head so that you can set your head on so it can maintain its shape.    

Care for tail ears and other small parts:

During use/before use: 

1: Never force any item into place this can cause the item to warp or break. Take your time putting it on. 

2: Tails that use elastic belt loops that attach to your own belt:  -Brush your tail with a slicker brush and give it a quick shake. This will fluff out the fibers and make it poofier. Make sure the elastic loop is where you want it to be on yourself and away you go!

3: Ears and other small items: Brushing is always a good idea before wearing! Make sure the item is sitting how you'd like and check the condition of the item before wearing  (hands feet etc..) to ensure safety.   

 After use: 

1: Spray disinfectant/ Lysol on your items to help keep them fresh.

2: Allow them to dry. 

3: Brush them out with a slicker brush.

4: Store the items away in a cool dark area away from heat and away from being squished by other objects.  

 General cleaning: 

Should your item become soiled and need a deeper cleaning these are our suggestions. -Never put items into the washing machine or dryer!

 -Spot clean your items with folex (carpet cleaner) or another type of dye/colorant free laundry detergent such as all free and clear.