The JFK Brand

From dreamers to business owners...

Just Fur Kicks or JFK as we like to call our selves started in 2009 while L'Hiver and Thunder-Strike were in college. We were dreamers then, struggling to make ends meet. Today, we are in a large studio working on more furry things than any one can imagine! Its been a wild ride from selling in person at craft shows, selling online and dealing our wares at conventions, who knows where we will go next!

Products that are built to last...

You might wonder how can something hand made hold up over time? Well, we'd say ask our friend Solo Darling! Solo is an professional indie female wrestler who we have been working with to create her spectacular array of tails over the last few years. Check her out on YouTube you will be amazed not only at her prowess in the ring but how in the world does that tail stay on!?  To that we answer "Easy! Quality hand stitching with high quality nylon bonded thread and superior fabrics that come standard to all our products!"

Built by the fandom for the fandom!

We're a part of the furry, anime and scifi fandoms. We actively attend multiple conventions each year to not only sell our wears but to interact with our customers and receive feed back as well as product suggestions. Most of our items were created through a hand in hand relationship by working with furries, LARPers and cosplayers from around the world! We look forward to seeing you at our next event!