Terms and Conditions

Website and purchase terms and conditions: Please read before ordering.

  We currently accept the following payment options:

-All major credit cards
-Etsy gift cards

Etsy and our web store keep your payment information secure. Etsy shops and our webstore never receive your credit card information.

Payment plans are available for orders over $100.

Payment deadlines:

Payment for an order through etsy or our website is due at the time of check out unless  prior negotiated or the order qualifies for a payment plan.

Cancellation Policy:

-We no longer accept cancellations for any reason. However, if there is a problem with your order please contact us.

Payment policy for custom orders:

-All custom orders require an up front 30% down payment which is not  refundable.(this only applies to custom items that must be designed and  not normally for sale in the store such as custom 2 colored tails etc)
-Custom order payment(s) are due on time either at check out or at a  per-determined and agreed upon date between JFK and the purchaser.

-The purchaser is then responsible to make on time agreed upon payments.  Failure to make 3 on time payments will result in no refund and the  cancellation of your order.      


Please  allow 3-7 business days inside the US for the item to reach you once  completed and 10-14 business days anywhere else. These times are an  estimate shipping times depends on the postal service we are not  responsible for delays.

-We will provide a USPS tracking number for your records.

Shipping Addresses: It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure  that their correct address is sent with their order upon payment or in a  note with the order. JFK will ship to the address associated with the  order unless noted otherwise. If an address cannot be obtained JFK will  e-mail the customer for the address information. If the customer does  not respond before shipping due date, JFK will ship the item to the  closest matched address and we are not responsible for item loss/damage  or forfeiture; we will not refund due to this.

Shipping carriers:
We use the USPS to ship our items. If you prefer another carrier such as  Fedex or UPS please inquire about pricing before placing an order.

Abandoned Shipments: If the buyer abandons an item that has been shipped  to their address or as instructed it is the buyer's responsibility to  notify JFK if the item was not delivered and arrange for a second  shipment at the buyer's expense. We will only hold returned abandoned  items for 2 weeks if returned to us.

-Purchasers are responsible for difference in shipping between carriers and if shipping to a FPO is required.

International Buyers:

- Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price  or shipping cost. These charges are the buyer's responsibility.

Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.      

Refunds and Exchanges

  Refund policy for Fursuits and custom listing orders:

Definition of a Custom order: A newly designed item that is unique and  not offered for sale normally in our Etsy store: This does not apply to  the custom "choose your color" items we have in our Etsy store. This  applies to all custom designed tails, ears, fursuits etc...

-For custom orders there are no refunds after 7 days of final payment: due to the custom nature of these items.

-For items requiring special materials or supplies including fursuits:  30% of the FINAL order price is non-refundable for the cost of  materials.

-We have the right to decline a sale for any reason. If this is the result full refunds will be given.

Refund policy for Etsy Store Items:

-Buyer must request a refund with in 7 days of receiving the item. The item must be returned to JFK for a full refund.

-There are no refunds for the following: Buyer's remorse, adding  to/attempting to repair the item yourself -resulting in damage or loss  of the item-, soiled items, failure to provide a correct address (ie  lost mail), wearing an item to an event and returning it.

-We have the right to decline a sale for any reason. If this is the result full refunds will be given.

Exchanges: Etsy Store Items and webstore items :

-Exchanges can be made if requesting the same item ordered.

-Buyer is responsible for return shipping of original ordered item and JFK is responsible for shipping of exchanged items.

-Items damaged as a result of mail mishandling s will be resolved in this manner as well.

-Items broken by the buyer and unable to be repaired and or resold are not eligible for exchange.      

Additional policies and FAQs

Important things you should know:

-Currently JFK operates Friday through Sunday (for item construction)
All of the team members of JFK have full time jobs and out side responsibilities.

-All of JFK items are hand made: We do not use sewing machines to make items at
this time!

- Our fursuits come with a 1 year warranty against creation defects not wear and tear.  This includes all seam work. Popped seam? Loose nose? Ear torn? Even if  its your fault we will fix it!
***our warranty does not cover the following: warped/broken hinges  (caused by miss use) and all electronic components as we do not wire our  own electronics.
The buyer must pay shipping to JFK only under the warranty and JFK will  handle return shipping costs. (Items being returned for warranty must be  insured when sending.)

-For our fursuits that are more than 1 year old and the warranty has expired:
We can accept the fursuit for repairs to anything covered by the  warranty. There will be a fee for repair work. This will be discussed  with the buyer before sending the suit back for the repair.

-When inquiring about custom orders please let us know up front about  any deadlines you want to meet, when you will be purchasing the item and  a budget if there is one. Please also try to include references or a  written description of what you're looking for and when you will be able  to buy.

-Buyers are responsible for reading the NEWS tab in the shop BEFORE  purchase and AFTER for any delays. This section is located right under  the shops banner. This section is dedicated to inform customers of order  deadlines, material orders placed for out of stock items, vendor  delays, mass package carrier delays and any natural or life event which  may delay production or shipping.

-If you choose to work out a payment plan or payment arrangement with us  please make sure to keep in touch with us and make your payments on  time. Once the custom listing expires for your item and its completed  regardless of the outstanding balance owed on the item we reserve the  right to retain all unpaid funds as payment and resell the item to  recoup the losses from non-payment. As we are completing custom items  for customers and they are not finishing the payments on the items  they've ordered.

-Dye lots on faux fur can change based on manufacturer's dying lot. If  you need a matching color fur please contact us so we can photograph for  you the dye lot we have in stock. We are not responsible for dye lot  changes. Photos of the colors offered are an estimate of the colors  available and may not reflect the actual tone in stock with us at the  moment.

-During the colder winter months: LATE November through early March each  year the studio is heated with a wood stove and kerosene heaters.  During these months it is possible to have items arrive with a slight  'camp fire' like smell. We fabreeze items before packaging during these  times to try to prevent it. Materials and items are never in contact  with the wood or stove themselves.

-We also test candles and incense in the same studio. We cannot  guarantee your items will arrive odor free 100% of the time we try our  best though. We DO fabreeze items before sending them. You can always  wash items if you dislike the smell.

-Felica, Jewel and Aiden own pets. While they do not come in contact  with the materials there could be dander from the animals in the work  area. If you are allergic to dogs, guinea pigs or birds please  reconsider ordering from us as we cannot guarantee the items are not  dander free.

-JFK is not responsible for: delays caused by the package carrier,  inaccurate measurements provided by customers, buyer's remorse and back  ordered material delays. (If we are aware of back ordered material or  package carrier delays you will be notified individually if it effects  singular orders or via the news tab if it effects multiple orders)

-JFK's items are all hand made and will require care to maintain their  look as with any fursuit or fursuit part. Be sure to brush your item(s)  before and after use as well as freshen. You can read our full how to  care guide here -->http://www.justfurkicks.com/care.htm

-JFK is not responsible for any miss use or injury caused to the wearer  or any of our items. PLEASE! know your limits! Have fun safely! 


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JFK and its owners are free from responsibility of accidental damage to property, bodily harm intentional or unintentional including, sickness or death associated with wearing one of our costumes under any circumstance.