JFK: A Time Line

Just Fur Kicks or JFK as we like to call ourselves started out as no more than a dream to bring to life some larger than life characters of the furry fandom. We started in 2009 while Felica and Jewel were still in college trying to make ends meet. Aside from the hustle and bustle of working and going to school Felicia wanted to find a way to turn her hobby of fursuit making into a business. JFK was launched in September of 2009 and was receipted well by the community and others.

JFK expanded by 2011 and we moved into a 1,000 square foot facility. In 2011 we hired two wonderful workers to help us grow and expand our products. During this time, we had lots of experimentation with materials and finally started to figure out what works and what doesn't.

By 2012 our workers had left to go on to college and it was back to Felica and Jewel to keep things running. During this year we had expanded our products and improved our old designs that we felt it was time to start selling at conventions and events. We began our first convention sale at an anime convention in Baltimore as artists. Here we were received so well we continued to return every year! Felica also began her journey of obtaining her A-A Degree in Fine art/Ceramics.

In 2013 Our product line expanded again to include different kinds of tails, hats and other accessories. We continued to sell locally and attended our first furry convention as well as our lovely anime convention in Baltimore. Late in 2013 Felica had an accident with her hand and took on an apprentice artist to help around the studio. Our apprentice artist Aiden was a complete charm to have around and while she was being taught she taught Felica somethings too about different materials and sewing.

Then in 2014 we decided to take on our apprentice as an assistant artist. Felica now had more help in the creation of products as never before, Jewel was able to take care of running the e-mail systems and websites while Felica was able to work. We also attended several conventions that year!

So far in 2015 we expanded our line of tails, ears and other furry accessories. We continued to work closely with other artists to further develop our products; listening to performers desires and cos-players alike to redefine our items and began offering scented disinfectant sprays. In mid 2015: our assistant artist took a leave of absence for health reasons from the studio: This put the work staff back down to Felica and Jewel. We are looking forward to a few more conventions before the close of the year!

We continue to set the bar in customer service for furry items by putting our customer's first. We strive to have quality items at an affordable price. We also continue to ship all around the world. We're hoping one day to advance enough that we can attend more shows and meet more of the people who have made this dream a reality. We hope to see you some time at an event!

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