Hi there!,

If you are reading this, you want to know more information about the commission process for Just Fur Kicks (JFK). There is a lot of details listed below please be sure to read them and ask any questions before proceeding to order.

By placing an order with us for a fursuit, you would be adhering to these guidelines and so will we.

Accepted payments: All major credit cards, Debit, Paypal and Etsy Gift Cards. Sorry no checks or money orders please!

Payment plans: We offer payment plans on any order over $100. You are required to pay 30%  of your order cost up front.  This amount is non-refundable. The rest you can make monthly payments on. For fursuits, you must pay at least $100 per month to keep the payment plan. If you do not pay for 3 consecutive months without speaking with us, your order will be terminated and any payments made will be non-refundable. Example payment plan: Fursuit Cost $1,500 (includes shipping) 30% upfront payment amount $450. Next month the commissioner (buyer) would need to pay at least $100. (Total paid $550.00 of $1,500.00). Assuming that the commissioner makes only the minimum payment it would take the commissioner and additional 9 and a half months to pay off the order. (Remember, orders are not started if there is a line until it is fully paid for.) It is possible that this order would take over a year to have completed due to the payment plan arrangements and the expected wait time for commissions.

The Process:

Step 1: Submit a quote form, reference and or description and talk to JFK’s artists about what features you’d like on your suit. We can discuss the details, fur choices and any extra add ons like LED eyes, etc. in order to give you a quote. (Remember quotes are only good for 30 days)

Step 2: If your project is selected and we have discussed it with you,  you will have a custom listing created on Etsy or PayPal invoice for you to pay. The amount is what you have agreed to pay to start your order. Most of the time, you will be required to pay 30% of your order upfront in order for the JFK team to order your supplies. This first 30% down is non-refundable.

Step 3: Once your listing is paid for, the JFK team will add your order to our public fursuit commission order que on Trello. Here you can track the progress and see photos of your item being made and what stage of production it is in.(Note: There is a wait time for all orders. See the section titled “Order Time” below for more details)

Step 4: Stay in contact with us! We will require your input on the project unless you wish to not be involved in its creation. Provide us with feedback as we progress with the order. 

Step 5: Once your item is completed and you approve of it, it will be mailed to you, insured with USPS. (Please see our Etsy shop policies for full details on shipping)

Step 6: Receive your suit and have fun!

Getting Started:

What you will need:

-An understanding of our Etsy Shop policies and the information from this blog post.

-Any deadlines you wish to meet

-A budget (Ie: know what you are and are not willing to spend)

-A reference sheet or written description of your character

-Read our shop policies at the bottom of our Etsy page


Need a quote? Send us a form! Quotes are always free! https://forms.gle/R9bcU43LzWHoNym48 On the quote form we ask a lot of questions. Be sure to read each one and answer appropriately.

Order Time: Fursuit orders if fully paid for can take 2-3 months to complete if there is no one else in the line. If there is a line the wait time is about 4-8 months. You can see our current line in our fursuit order trello board. JFK fills 1-2 fursuit orders per month. The wait may take longer if you require a payment plan as we do not start work unless the order is paid in full. Other factors such as where you are in line also can affect order wait time. There is usually a 6 week time period where JFK is waiting for your materials to arrive after being ordered. If there is no line, we will begin to work on your order if we are able to with the materials on hand. During this waiting period you must finalize your design. (Please see the section “Finalizing the Design” for more details). Please review our trello board for updates to see what projects are currently being worked on while you are waiting. Please be patient while your order is being worked on or while we are waiting for parts.

Finalizing the design: Your order has been placed, you are waiting for your materials to arrive but you have made a slight alteration to your character that you want reflected in the suit. Please let us know right away so that we can make a note of the change. Letting us know before we begin work will avoid having to pay the $50 additional design change fee plus any materials costs associated with the change.

Once we are ready to begin construction on your order, your character design must be finalized meaning that you are happy with the design you choose and have made us aware of any slight alterations. Once you have finalized the design and the JFK team have accepted it, you may not change the design without a $50 fee for each change plus the cost of the materials needed to make the change.

Example: The commissioner has requested an all grey wolf fursuit mask with white ears. JFK has approved the original design and has ordered all the materials. Work has already begun on the mask. The commissioner then adds that the grey wolf has black and white markings on its face. JFK will charge the commissioner a $50 fee plus the cost of materials to alter the original agreed upon design.

Why charge for changes?: In recent years, we have had a sudden influx of commissioners who have made fursuit orders and who have not really known what they wanted. This resulted in many hours of wasted labor, JFK providing additional labor, paying for additional materials which were not part of the original price or the customer refusing to pay for the new changes they have made. Therefore, we decided to change our fursuit commission guidelines.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything mentioned on this page please contact us so that we can discuss it with you. Thank you again for your interest in our products!